Managed Services @Pi® are offered in sync with the industry best practices for managing and monitoring the IT resources like network, compute and storage, for enterprises customers on a real-time basis. This helps the enterprises in, saving time, reducing operational costs and focusing on their core business. The top Managed Services @Pi® include, but not limited to:

24x7 Monitoring & Alerts

Proactive monitoring of enterprises' IT resources provides increased operational efficiency. Customers can opt for global NOC or customer-specific NOC from the self-service portal


Periodic reports are shared with customers to their registered email address, with RCA of issues faced and details of troubleshooting methods followed for resolution

Asset Management

The tools used for providing managed services render automatic discovery of new assets, with an IP address, complete network monitoring and scanning of enterprises' IT resources

Security Assurance

Advanced intrusion detection tools are used to avoid any malicious activities including cyber attacks on the infrastructure, thereby ensuring maximum security of enterprises' IT resources

Self-Service and Automation

Enterprises can remotely manage various infrastructure components or all components using the self-service portal , that contains all critical information about their IT resources on the dashboard

Expert Support

Follow-The-Sun model of support is guaranteed, that includes 24x7 tiered support (L1 - L3), according to the stringent SLAs mutually agreed with the enterprises

Network Managed Services

Harbour1 Network Managed Services
Round the clock service to monitor, alert, report and manage the network infrastructure, by adhering to best practices and ITIL based service delivery model
  • Port-wise bandwidth utilization
  • Network device configurations and monitoring
  • Complete network scanning and network device tracking to ensure maximum uptime
  • Periodic reports and statistics generated using cloud-based monitoring tools & technologies

Compute-based Managed Services

Harbour1 Compute-based Managed Services
Managed services and support for, end-to-end provisioning, resource monitoring and alerts, patching and necessary technical support, of enterprises' infrastructure
  • OS installations
  • Patch management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Virtualization management services

Storage Managed Services

Harbour1 Storage Managed Services
Scheduled and pro-actively monitored backups, flexible retention, and archival solutions, assure optimization of CapEx of dedicated storage hardware and OpEx of manpower, for enterprises
  • Backup and restoring with customised retention periods
  • Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) monitoring
  • Storage pool configurations
  • Archival and vaulting

Application and Platform Managed Services

Harbour1 Application and Platform Managed Services
The expert advisory by CoE team and custom reports & alerts about resource consumption of applications, help enterprises to configure, migrate and manage the resources seamlessly
  • Monitoring enterprise applications and resource consumption
  • SAP HANA application migration
  • Database management support
  • Patch management
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