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Solidwall is a next generation intelligent web application firewall built on Machine learning algorithms to understand application business logic and protect from "zero" day attacks. The in-build artificial intelligence can separate normal and malicious traffic and not only detect pattern-based attack but also anomaly-based attack, providing type enforcement on the business logic level.

Solidwall provides Realtime protection without false alarms for complete application life cycle and can be easily Integrated with third party systems via Syslog, SQL, SNMP, REST API. Solidwall furnish centralized management of multiple analyzers and supports unlimited number of applications.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) services provide user authentication, including One Time Password, Digital Certificates, Push Notification and Biometrics-based authentication to access business applications without frustrating users. MFA Provides contextual access to privilege accounts, achieve compliance, decrease risk & streamline administration that enable organizations to detect and prevent identity thefts and privilege rights misuse

MFA Provides extra layer of security over any application for authorized users fortifying corporate data and producing proof of identity through detailed auditing.

Homomorphic Encryption

To enable computations while guaranteeing data privacy, researchers are focusing on privacy-enabled computations. One of the promising approaches in this direction is the use of a cryptographic paradigm called homomorphic encryption (HE).

With HE enterprises data is encrypted at all stages of data life cycle ie Data at Rest, Data in Transit and Data while Processing.

Firewall as a Service

Firewall as a Service (Fwaas) truly eliminates the appliance form factor. Firewall as a Service makes firewall services available in all branch locations without the need to install additional hardware. As a result A single, logical global firewall with a single application-aware security policy for your entire organization.

Administrative challenges including maintenance, configuration, policies, upgrades requires immense effort and can be eliminated with FWaaS. It is fast to deploy and very flexible.

Firewall as a Service supports the centralized management of security policy. With FwaaS you can uniformly apply the security policy across all traffic, for all locations, and or all users with an improved end-user experience.

SOC as a Service with SIEM

SOC-as-a-service puts dedicated security engineers in charge of monitoring the network activity of customer businesses. With advanced skills, SOC engineers supply vital security updates as well as regular reports that assess the current state of network activity. With SOC-as-a-service, companies can cut down on the expenses typically associated with cybersecurity yet enjoy advanced protection from cyber intrusions and SOC team can help in Asset ranking.

Provides Full SIEM Management and Uses Machine and Human Elements to Analyze Millions of Events in Real Time. Generate Alerts, reports & Threat Assessment. Delivers Advanced Protection Against Perimeter and Insider Threats, Advanced Intelligence Gathering, Planning and Awareness Training.

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